Stihl TS700 Cut-Off Saw


STIHL TS700 Cut-Off Saw is a powerful 5.0 kW cut-off machine for 350mm cutting wheels. Designed to deliver peak performance on construction jobs. Extremely long filter service life and increased service intervals thanks to its innovative long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing. Can be operated by hand or together with an FW 20 cart.

A stratified charge is used for the TS700’s 2-stroke engine. As a result, fresh fuel is introduced in the crankcase between the combustion chamber and the combustion chamber, reducing the amount of fuel that is lost in the charging process. As a result, the engine produces more power while using less fuel, consumes up to 20% less fuel than regular 2-stroke engines and produces significantly fewer exhaust emissions.

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  • The TS700 engine features a stratified charge system that increases power while reducing consumption and pollution, significantly reducing unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust, which results in a cleaner, more fuel-efficient engine.
  • System for long-term air filtering (cyclone air routing)
  • Vibrations transmitted from the engine to the operator’s hands and arms are reduced by the STIHL anti-vibration system
  • The long-life air filter system (cyclone air routing) separates 80% of dust particles from the indoor air and transports them outside, extending the duration between cleanings of the foam pre-filter.
  • Smooth starting without abrupt power peaks is possible with the TS700’s ElastoStart, making it considerably easier to start the machinery.
  • Pump type: manual (purger).
  • When the air filter becomes clogged, the compensator prevents the fuel-air mixture from getting richer. Maintains the fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture and hence the power of the engine. A filter does not need to be cleaned until there is a significant reduction in power
  • By reducing cylinder pressure, the decompression valve makes it easier to start the engine.
  • The STIHL TS700’s ergonomic grip position allows each user to work comfortably in any position with an optimal grip position and loop handle that is designed for excellent cutting comfort.


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