Zenesis Pro. Cutting, 44HP–65HP Road Saw

$360.00$1,080.00 + GST


Suitable for all self-propelled petrol and diesel saws 44HP–65HP. These powerful road saws make quick work of concrete slabs, footpaths and driveways. No longer do tradesmen need to strain their backs, simply guide the road saw along its path and it will cut through anything with ease!

These saws are the best for making straight cuts. They have stiff, highly ridge box steel frames that eliminate blade flex and produce perfect results every time!

Zenesis technology provides professionals with concrete road saws with the cutting speed and durability needed for everyday jobs. The Zenesis range offers great value for money. Zenesis incorporates the latest pre-arranged diamond technology to offer value for money, efficient cutting and increased life.

Southern Diamond Tools is committed to bringing the professional concrete cutter the most up to date technology and solutions that exceed industry standards. We are mindful of reducing diamond tooling costs and increasing cutting margins without compromising quality or speed.

Available from 460mm to 900mm.


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